2017 Ford Bronco Engines, Prices, and Release Dates

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After twenty years pause, the appearances of 2017 Ford bronco as new model are not only a myth anymore. Just the same with its sibling, F150, this model will be built on Atlas platform. Because this car is still in development stages, Ford bronco new would be presented in middle 2016 as 2017 model.

2017 Ford bronco outsides

The outside appearances would most likely combine the designs solution of others new SUV model and it would be quite different from 2004 concepts. Most of the features of this new car would inherit from latest F150 models. It would get massive chrome grilles that can give strong attitudes. Moreover, 2017 bronco will come with two-pairs LED headlights as well as advanced fog lights that would be added for much better visibilities in every condition. As far as interior designs go, it would come with latest high end technologies features. Its upholstery would be done with luxury and high quality materials. 2017 Ford bronco interior will be roomier and able for taking in up to five adult passengers. It can provide comfort in both off road and road rides. Its dashboards get modern designs and equipped with infotainment/SAT-Nav systems with huge touchscreen. Also, this car will provide huge amount of cargo spaces that are enough for luggage and others additional equipments.

2017 Ford bronco specs

Based on the rumors, under the hoods of this bronco would be offered with three engines on its lineups. There will be 4.7 liter 6-cylinder power stroke engines that can generate up to 645 lb ft of the torque and 330 horsepower 5.0 liter 8-cylinder coyote petrol engines that can deliver 420 horsepower, as well as massive 5.8 liter 8-cylinder supercharged engines that can pump out up to 631 lb ft of the torque and 662 horsepower. As far as transmission systems go, 6R 140, six-speed automatic transmissions would be teamed up with lower engine trim or powerful ZT-6 transmissions, while six-speed manual gearboxes would be paired up with more powerful engine.

2017 Ford bronco: day of release and prices

As far as the prices are concerned, this new car is expected to come with the price similar to others sibling, Ford Raptor, because both of them are inspired by Atlas model. As it comes to 2017 Ford bronco, some rumors state that it must be available for sales at the end of 2016 as introduced as 2017 model. Unluckily, the accurate and exact day for Ford bronco release date is still secret.