2017 Ford F-350 Review, Release Date, Design, Engine

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2017 Ford f350 currently is a kind of truck that hold top position as best selling truck in North America and quite different with others competitors. Some of this model even have ever available for overseas. This car is actually the middle grounds between smallest trucks in the ranges of one of bigger one.

2017 Ford f350 release date and price

Unluckily, this f350 is still unavailable for sales mostly because the company wants to finish the developments of this truck before launching. The company states that the whole models would be available for sales starting with second half of this year. By this, this 2017 Ford f-350 crew cab is not quite that far away. The prices are not set yet for today but considering the whole technical improvement over its older models, we can expect that the costs of this truck will around 3 up to 5% more than before that will be still around the similar costs as the others competitor.

2017 Ford f350 designs

One of largest upgrades over the older version is new platforms used in this truck. These times around, this car is available with all new chassis that is manufactured in proportions of 95% out of higher strength steels increase the torsional rigidities tremendously. On the top of that, this Ford f350 comes with beefed up fronts and rear axle, bigger brakes, larger differentials than the previous model. It means that 2017 Ford f-350 platinum could tow with about 15% more than previous model of the trucks. It means that several version of this truck can tow in excess up to 20,000 that are lots more than before as well as particularly the best in its class numbers.

2017 Ford f350 engines

Aiding this for towing all the weights are the similar engines which are fitted to the previous version of ranges but thanks to facts everything is lots more durable than the current model. This truck will be slightly lighter. It would tow with ease more than ever before and also it would be more efficient. Still, the base engines of this 2017 Ford f350 uses bold 6.5 liter naturally aspirated V8 engines that can churn out up to 405 lb ft of the torque and 385 horsepower. This engine is enough for towing with ease about 10,000 pounds. For those who want the whole towing capacity of this truck, V8 diesel 6.7 liter turbocharged is the only way for going. It can provide 860 lb ft of the torque and 440 horsepower. Comparing with 2017 Ford f-250 xlt, this truck has more powerful engine equipments.