2017 Ford GT Exterior, Interior, Engine, Price, and Release Date

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Are you looking for high-performance car to buy? Sure, there are many sports cars to choose out there. However, it won’t be easy to find the best one of all, especially for you. If you want to make worthy purchase though, we suggest you to give 2017 Ford GT some consideration here. Coming as the newest version of the model, this car has many great things to offer. Let’s see here just what you can get from this amazing sports car we have here.

2017 Ford GT Exterior Design

Being the sports car, we are sure that you are well aware just what kind of look it can give to you. Compared to the models before it, like Ford GT 2015 or Ford GT 2016, there are new things you can get from it. It comes as 2-door coupe with RMR layout. It is made to be lightweight thanks to the carbon fiber construction. This Ford GT also has its exterior consisting of dihedral doors, Gorilla Glass windshield, and many more that compliment its look.

2017 Ford GT Interior Design

We are talking about car with coupe body style here. So, there is no way it has real spacious cabin. However, Ford Motor Company does try to make 2017 GT comfortable enough to drive with. Being the successor of Ford GT40, there sure are various great things to consider about this car here. They include the features of driving assistance, safety system, and entertainment system as well. You will find this car to be the most enjoyable one of all to ride.

Engine Specs and Performance

When it comes to sports car, be sure to not forget about learning the specs and the performance it offers. Ford GT top speed is determined by them after all. Well, this 2017 Ford we are talking about here is one that is designed to run with 3.5L EcoBoost V6 twin-turbo engine with 7-speed PowerShift dual-clutch transmission. With this kind of engines, this car promises you as much as 647 horsepower and 550 lb/feet of torque in its performance.

The Price and the Release Date

When talking about the price of sports car, you better not forget that it will always be pricey. You get the best performance from it after all. This Ford GT 2017 itself is one that is set at $450,000. The price does go beyond words, but you do get what you deserve from it. Yes, this car has been produced and released back in 2016, so be sure to get your hands on it quick before it is too late.