2017 Ford Ranchero Review Redesign, Specs, Price

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A pickup truck for all people, that becomes favorite, that has been missed, it is all for 2017 Ford Ranchero. Has been firstly built in 70s this company brings back the series in this time as the new generation. This car is rumored to be sold in America market just like the previous time ago. Unlike other car that looks casual with five or four doors, this door will have different body car. It will use 3-door huge with SUV model.

2017 Ford Ranchero Redesign Review

New Ford Ranchero concept will be unique. It will look cooler than the previous generation with unibody design. The color of this car will be change to fusion. It will have front fascia and hexagonal shape for the grille. This will be totally unique as this car has been anticipated to be better in design. We can assume that the front will look different and the total look will obviously elegant. 2017 Ford Ranchero may changes the lamps to LED especially for the headlights.

Then other places like bumper and side parts will have more shaped design. The interior will be full with new infotainment, driver assistant, and safety assistant technology. The vehicle will get different front air, and upgraded features. There will be standard assist like parking assistance system with anti-lock disc, brakes, stability control, cruise control, traction control, and many more. The XM Sirius travel will be added. Clearly 2017 Ford Ranchero will be full of new things.

2017 Ford Ranchero Specification

It seems that this car will use 6.7 liter with V8 system as the new powertrain to run. But there is a possibility that this car will come with 6.2 supercharged with V6 system instead. Probably the rear wheel drive and the platform will not really change just the EcoBoost technology system that is available for the current series. This car may come with various model like2017 Ford Ranchero GT and it will offer different engine system too.

2017 Ford Ranchero car machine possibly uses V6 and L4. Even the optional model may come with 2.0 L EcoBoost or 3.5L EcoBoost with V6 system. Any model still comes with prominent design and powertrain. We can be sure that this car will have higher horsepower result as well. The horsepower ay reach more than 240 hp and the torque may follow the same. This car will be completed with new safety system like anti-lock disc, seats -belts, stability control, and air bags. There is no info about the price yet this car would be a great car to compete with others.