2017 Ford Ranger News, Diesel, and Release Date

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Unfortunately, the car enthusiasts and customers in USA still can’t enjoy everything in 2017 Ford ranger. It seems that this car would be changed really soon. Its current generation is on road since 2011, except on road of America. The company believes that the production of new Ford ranger usa would impact the sales of its siblings, f150. Judging by success of others auto maker regarding smaller pickup truck, the future of this car is quite bright.

2017 Ford ranger exterior

As you compare 2011 with 2017 model, you would notice that the company represents significant departures from latter. The things which could not be unnoticed are sculpted, new hoods. The front end of this Ford ranger is decorated with trapezoidal grilles as well as projector headlight. This car would be based on new platforms. As you could assume, this is Atlas platform on which the f150 is developed. This car is probably also produced as Ford ranger 2017 Malaysia. Thanks to the aluminum bodies, this car would be better by means of fuel economies and performances. Both rear and front bumpers would be also redesigned. With sharp looking on its tail light and head light, sculpted hoods, newly designed grilles, and uniquely designed wheels, this car would look bolder than ever before.

2017 Ford ranger interior

Enriched features, comfortable seats, and new material are what we can expect from this new car. To sum up the impressions related to the interiors of 2017 ranger, we can only say that everything inside of cabin is well designed and that you can enjoy driving in such good looking and spacious cabins. This highly functional car also offers enough spaces for the luggage spaces. The manufacturer puts the safeties of this model to completely new levels. The lists of safety feature are pretty good among many others. Those include park assist, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise controls, and many others.

2017 Ford ranger engines

Some engine options would be offered for this new version. The most popular one will possibly be 2.0 liter EcoBoost unit. This is quite good for 270 lb ft of the torque and 240 horsepower. The similar engine serves under bonnets of this version. The fuel economies of engine are pretty good for vehicle of this size and type. 2017 Ford ranger is rated at 30 mpg on highway and 21 mpg on the city. There will be 2.3 liter EcoBoost turbo charging direct injections that would be available also. This kicks out 305 lb ft of the torque and 285 horsepower. Comes to the price ranges, it is estimated not too significantly changes with 2016 Ford ranger price.