2017 Ford Torino Exterior, Interior, Performance And Engine

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2017 Ford Torino comes as the ways to back in the automarket. This car is produced firstly in 1968 and last in 1976. However, this vehicle is too big for the times with few tweaks in upcoming models, the customers could be sure that the car would worth purchasing. This article provides what you could expect to discover in this upcoming car.

2017 Ford Torino exterior

The exterior parts of this car would be designed with the mixtures of legendary features from modern features and 70s model. The front part would be sharp with curved looks. However, it would have the bumpers. The body of this Torino would be much longer than the previous version with the additional five inches. The wheels would be stylish 20-inch allow wheel. The light weight material like aluminum body panel could be expected for being used in the production of this car in order to make it agile as well as provide great performance. But, if you are still curious, you should see the 2017 Ford Torino pictures.

2017 Ford Torino interior

Although detailed information related to the interiors of this vehicle is scarce, there are some rumors around. The expected looks inside the cabins on the whole trim level including 2017 Ford thunderbird would be modernized with really few details carried forward from 70s model. The 8-inch LED screen could be expected on dashboard for easy controls of infotainment feature. The seats would be made of leathers and get the ample spaces for driver and passengers for being comfortable. This 2017 Torino will get steering wheels that are placed lower than the conventional.

2017 Ford Torino performance and engine

Really powerful engines could be expected in this new car version. Unfortunately, the actual detail is yet to be launched by the company but the speculation have it that the base trims would get 2.7 liter turbocharged V6 engine. It can produce maximum output up to 340 lb ft of the torque and 300 hp. For upper trim of this 2017 Ford, there will be V6 engine 3.5 liter which can produce 400 lb ft of the torque and 450 hp.

Generally, this car could get the engine equipment which is more powerful than others competitor. Potentially, there would be new engine equipment developed on the upper trim by the company. You could expect the presence of 10-speed transmission system as the option. By means of performance, the stat is yet to be out. The top speed of 2017 Ford Torino could be expected up to 170 mph and its fuel rating is 15 mpg on the city and 25 mpg on the highway. You can compare these engine equipments with the version of 2016 gran Torino to know the capabilities.