2018 Ford Crown Victoria: Interior, Exterior and Engine

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2018 Ford Crown Victoria belongs to the sedan which will be appropriately used by the corps patrol. This type of sedan car was firstly introduced in 1991 and it has become the phenomenal sedan car worldwide.  The latest generation of this sedan car will be released in the next year.

2018 Ford Crown Victoria Interior

2018 Crown Victoria comes with the comfortable interior design. Actually, there is no detailed information regarding to the interior design of Ford. However, according to the rumors, this type of car comes with the similar features of interior design than the previous generation, 2017 Ford Crown Victoria. Nevertheless, there are also some improvements if compared to the previous generation. In this car, you will find the comfortable cabin which is equipped with the high tech features and high quality materials. The main things regarding to the interior features is the safety system in which the corps use this type of car. Besides that, there is also 8-inch HD touch screen and there is also improved dashboard. There are also USB, Bluetooth, satellite radio, GPS, route, GSM sound framework which is computerized, and the other great features of interior.

2018 Ford Crown Victoria Exterior

When it comes to the exterior, this type Crown Victoria comes with the attractive and aggressive design. There are also slight improvements if compared to the previous generation. This type of car will be released in the market in two variants. The first is for the private use for the all customers whereas the second variant is specifically designed for the corps patrols. This type of car belongs to the elegant car which is appropriate for the businessmen.

The front area of this car has the improvement grille in which there is a Ford Logo in the middle of the grille. Meanwhile, the color scheme which is offered by this car is just black. Besides that, the headlights will use the LED technology and the body structure, especially the chassis will use the lightweight materials in order to make this car fast and aggressive.

2018 Ford Crown Victoria Engine

The engine will be used in the Crown Victoria will be V6 or V 8 engine with 3.5 liter displacements. This engine will belong to EcoBoost engine which is mated with six-speed automatic transmission. The engine power will be transferred into four wheels. Nevertheless, there is no information regarding the topspeed which can be generated by this engine.