2018 Ford Escape, Color Options and Engine

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Having the track record in the auto car, Ford defeated a lot of competitions in designing and maintaining the quality. For those who consider to purchase new cars for the family purpose nearly future. 2018 ford escape is the best choice after it has some improvements and promised design. The manufacture has not mentioned the specific date to deploy this beast. Yet, the rumors said that the quarter month in this year, they will launch the congress to announce it officially. Then, the calculation according to the real design covering all the extra change and engine, the base price is $24,000 approximately. There is not a specific increase comparing to the previous model.

2018 Ford Escape Color options

2018 ford escape colors are available in some options. They are deep impact blue, Kodiak brown, frosted glass metallic, ginger ale metallic, and oxford white. This is only some of the information that has been released to the public. Yet, the manufacture still hides three composition colors. Those will be the overwhelming demand and 2018 ford is offered only in limited edition. Mostly, it is also followed by the special price, but it is not announced specifically yet.

Moreover, 2018 ford escape interior comes with new look and high-tech. In principle, there are three compositions: infotainment, information, and entertainments. Apart of those functions, it will allow the driver enjoy the comfortable driving. Also, it is supported by the wireless technology that makes the driver can call and pick up the cellphone.

2018 Ford Escape Engine

Overall, 2018 ford escape concept always offers some choices for the engine. Compare to Ford Fiesta, this also gets the same concept. This is noted that there are three fascinating engine with its powerful potential. First, it is 2.5 liter with 4-inlone engine. On the paper, it can lead the speed into 168 HP with 170 lb-ft torque counted 4.500 rpm. Second, it is 1.5 liter with the turbocharged system. This is slightly faster counted 179 HP including the rotation of the torque in 177 lb0ft. The last, it is 2.0 liter with the turbocharged system as well.

This composition allows 2018 ford escape faster with the production speed into 245 HP with 275 lb-ft in 3.000 rpm. Those engines have different quality of the fuel economy. The 2018 Ford Escape will have a three engine options. The first one will be a 2.5-liter inline-4 engine that will develop 168 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm.

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