2018 Ford F150 Exterior and Engine

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After applying the new eco boost for pickup 2017, Ford is not resting to catch up the for 2018 model. Their effort is finally paid off after their trend reached a peak the top-selling of American vehicle. To continue the link of the successful effort, they will release 2018 ford f150. This is expected that the LED will be reshaped as like as its Brother, Super Duty.

2018 Ford F150 Exterior

Also, rumors are recommended that the manufacture will add more chrome in some parts. Relating to the pickup-design, new taillights, resizing the wheels, and the tweaks are required the stylish mode. Unluckily, the official management does not give any information relating to 2018 f150 release date. Yet, the rumors are strongly convincing that it will greet the fans in the quarter month of next year.

Moving to the exterior, it can be said that there is no improvements which remarkable. This stays like the previous deploy including the shape and the curve. The only change is only the front part. Apart of this, the grille and the brand logo is unified with the contrast color.

2018 Ford F150 Engine

Considering the new effort of 2018 ford f-150 diesel specs, they are managing to focus on the powertrain. It is issued that the directed-inject will be applied with 3.3 liter of V-6. This source will replace the previous machine, 3.5 liter of V-6. However, they will produce the maximum power with the same number, 282 horsepower. This includes the 253 lb-ft torque rotation. Theoretically, it is only on the paper, and who knows that it will show different number on significant gaps.

Second choice, this will be exactly the same with the previous model in 2.7 liter, but empowered by eco boost V-6. Third, it is 3.5 liter and eco boost V-6 and the last is 5.0 liter combined by V-8. This will be expected that the result is going up remarkably. However, the information of the optional choice is not released yet. Even the decision still waits which one will be used for the base version and the modification one.

However, there is a similarity that both V-6 and V-8 will use 10-speed automatic transmission. At the same time, after rumors and speculation, ford f150 will finally take the diesel. Uniquely, the diesel engine is not their masterpiece. This engine based on Peugeot Citroen years ago and it is fits for V-6 only. This idea also becomes the plans to build F-150 hybrid.