2018 Ford Fiesta, Engine Performance and Exterior Look

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It is truth, but sorry to say that current Fiesta version had a short year in America. It is also noted that Ford only succeeded to sell Fiesta from first generation to sixth only. However, it is paid off if we see its progress in Europe. Even, this version has the best selling product about a decade including this new release, 2018 ford fiesta.

2018 Ford Fiesta Engine

It is quite clear information that Ford’s plan offers some choices for the powertrain. They are 1.6 liter I4 or 1.0 liter I3. Both of them are friendly waste rather than any engine and economical fuel. Alike previous model, 2018 ford fiesta ST also has the first choice combined with turbocharged since 2016. Automatically, the predictions are going to the second choice since the rumors pointing to the new evolution of the engine in Ford. Yet, who knows that the auto maker makes surprises or change it into V-8. This looks like impossible for its level.

2018 Ford Fiesta Exterior look

Until now, the official announcement only stated that Ford Fiesta would be deployed in Europe. In contrast, the selling product for America is still waited. Rumors said that eight generation is prepared there with some update details. For Europe edition, the obvious replacement regarding to 2018 ford fiesta exterior is the outback and up front. In detail, the front part is much lower and pointed.

This seems that there is a similarity between 2018 ford fiesta USA with Toyota creating the smooth line. This is combined with the grilles which are wider in two parts including the fenders in small size. Uniquely, the logo is not in the center of grille, but above it. This is claimed that the aerodynamic will work maximally using this design. At least, the separation of the air flow will be balanced and create the optimum down force.

Next, the newest thing in 2018 ford fiesta is the rare part is that the integration of the rear hatchback and the taillights. This seems a fusion point, but only this section. This is functioned to mitigate the air fraction in order that to support the car speed. This design is not the first time since the fourth generation also got it. The tire is a little bit larger. This new version use the tire with specifications: 0.2 inches of wheelbase stretch, 0.4 inches rear track, and 1.2 inches front track. This design is aimed to accentuate the lower stance and athletic lines.