2018 Ford Focus Interior Appeal and Engine

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After such predictions and rumors, finally, 2018 ford focus comes to defeat its level. Generally, the shape of this car is quite bigger and the front bumper looks really structural strength. It is claimed 33% stiffer rather than Focus St and 40% sporty car design. The LED is easy to recognize according to its spray and the shape is much pointed.

Unfortunately, 2018 ford focus redesign is well-guarded. In fact, it is still blind in which the car will use the structure of previous design or not. Moreover, the tires are in two options: Pilot super sport and pilot super sport cup. Both of them are sponsored by Michelin with different benefits and drawback.

2018 Ford Focus Interior

2018 ford focus does not go far from its chassis and materials. However, there are some adjustable to make sure that the car is futuristic design and more modern. This can be seen from the cabin improvement which is wider, longer but svelte. This is taken from the standard Fiesta super mini’s platform. The most significant influence is on the grippier tire, and stiffer suspension. This version might be next gen ford focus.

Alike the other modern car, this generation also has the quality which can be seen from its engine. This is equipped with the favor of the turbocharged mills. It is functioned to mitigate the fuel waste and make it much efficient. Also, this allows an additional power without sacrificing the other parts. The most noted, it is said that the base version will take 1 liter eco boost. It is inline three engines and they can produce 100 to 140 HP as well as 150 lb-ft torque.

2018 Ford Focus Engine

Another option is 1.5 liter of the eco boost with 4 inline. New ford focus 2018 is able to lead the speed into 180 HP with 200 lb-ft torque. All of those options will be companied by six-speed manual transmission. However, there is an issue that Ford is also prepared the automatic transmission with 9-speed transmission. This cannot be true since there is no official recommendation.

Next, a different level, ST trim, will have higher specifications. This is convinced that 2.0 liter with eco boost system inline 4 is used. This composition will generate the power into 260 HP along with 260 lb-ft torque. For the transmission, 2018 ford focus is available in six-speed manually and the front wheel will take over the rotation.