2018 Ford GT Review, Redesign, Engine Power, and Release Date

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The 2018 Ford GT will show the best car that can satisfy people because this car will have new design, which look sportier and elegant. The new car will have redesign. This one will make the car getting different with the previous generation. Moreover, both the exterior and interior of the car also has some changes. This change can increase the appearance of the car. The engine specs of this car also will be upgraded so that the performance of the car also will be better.

The 2018 Ford GT Exterior Redesign

This car will come with new platform because it will show the sporty design. This new Ford will show the new design at the exterior. This car will use good material which is lightweight. It will influence the performance. The change of the car will be seen clearly at the taillight and wing, and also the front rear sub-frame. The design will be different with the previous Ford GT Mustang. Moreover, although the exterior of this car will be changed, it is still recognizable. The best one that can be seen at this exterior is the wing because it will use Vmax mode which will be impressive.

The 2018 Ford GT Interior Redesign

The modern and innovative will be seen in this exterior car. This new design will comfort people. The 2018 GT also will use central color touch-screen. It will combine with the sync 3 infotainments setup. It will be different with the Ford GT 2015 because this new car will use a pair of paddle shifter. Furthermore, this car also will have a good cabin that can satisfy people very well. The features of the car is also impressive because it will use the latest and high technology that can facilitate people very well.

The 2018 Ford GT Engine specs

The new car will have the good engine specs that can impress people in driving. This new engine specs will influence the performance of the car. The engine of this 2018 Ford will use supercharged V8 or twin-turbocharged with 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. The engine of the car can deliver the power more than 600 horsepower. This supercar will be strong and impressive like the previous Ford GT 2017.

The 2018 Ford GT Release date and price

Relating to the release date, this car will be launched in the beginning of 2018. Moreover, the price of 2018 Ford GT will be started at $ 400.000. This price is much less than other cars that have same class. Moreover, the price of this car will be different depend on the type of the car.