2018 Ford GT500, Interior, Exterior and Engine

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One of the remarkable model which has ever been released by the Ford Company is 2018 Ford gt500. This belongs to one of powerful and the fastest Ford cars. This type of car comes with the powerful engine and the great features. This car also make some improvements when compared to the previous generation.

2018 Ford Gt500 Interior

When it comes to the interior of gt500, this type of car comes with the smaller body structure when it compared to the previous generation. It has been conducted in order to improve the maneuver and its performance. The use of lightweight aluminum and the carbon fiber really give any benefits for this car. The existence of heavy camo’ in the front end, it means that the new generation of this car will feature the new bumper which has already revised. Besides the front bumper, the grille is also revised in order to have more cooling air. The hood is also revised with the feature of a great power dome.

2018 Ford Gt500 Exterior

Besides the exterior design which has already made some revised design, the interior of this Ford card also comes with the new feature of interior. However, we could not give the detail information about the interior design as there is no official information regarding to this car. Some people guess that the interior design of this car will adopt the interior design of GT350, especially in the cabin which is inspired from GT350. Besides the cabins, the door panels, center console, and the dash are also inspired with the GT350. Besides that, there is also a new screen of infotainment.

2018 Ford Gt500 Engine

When it comes to the engine, this car will use the twin turbocharged engine. Besides that, this type of car is also guessed that will also use the similar engine with SVT Raptor. Regarding to the engine of GT500, it is still mystery and some people also said that this type of car will use the modified version of V-8, Coyote, 5.0L. According to the rumors the engine which will be powered in this type of car can excess 700 horsepower and make this car belongs to the top muscle cars which have the fastest factory-built car.

2018 Ford Gt500 Release date and Price

Ford GT500 will be released in the market in the second half or 2018. When it comes to the price, this type of car will be sold around $150.000. Besides that, there is also rumor that this type of car will be produced in the limited numbers around 500 up to 1000 units.