2018 Ford Thunderbird: Design, Engine, Release Date and Price

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Ford Thunderbird belongs to one of the legendary vehicles which have been produced by the Ford manufacturer and the Ford Company also comes with the latest generation with 2018 Ford Thunderbird. This type of car comes with the latest features as well as the great performance which make this car being the best car.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Exterior

When it comes to the exterior of this type of car, 2018 Ford Thunderbird will be fitted and manufactured in order to give the extravagant appearance. Generally, the model of this type of car comes with the combination between the modern features and retro designs. The body structure especially the chassis comes with the lightweight materials. It means that there will be reduction regarding to the weight of this car. The more lightweight the body structure provide, the more efficient the fuel is used. The lightweight body structure also provides the aerodynamic system. In the front fascia, you will see the front grille which has the similar model with the other Fords cars. However, the grille comes with the slimmer and nicer.   Besides that, there are headlights which are nicer and thinner than the previous models. This type of car also comes with the other features of exterior.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Interior

After describing the exterior design, the next is the interior design. The upcoming Ford Thunderbird comes with the comfortable and elegant interior. There are seats which are upholstered with the premium leather. The passengers will enhance the comfort while driving on the car. Besides the seats, there are also new dash and doors. The steering wheel also comes with the elegant models. In addition, there is also a system of multimedia which can be useful to keep entertained on the car. There is also a latest HVAC system which can keep the great temperature on the car.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Engine

This car also comes with the great performance of engine. This type of car comes with the Aj-35 V6 engine which can produce the output up to 280 horsepower and 286 lb-ft of torque. Besides that, the machine will be combined with the six-speed manual transmissions. In addition, the power of the engine is going to be transferred in all wheels. Besides that, according to the rumors, this type of car also comes with the V6 EcoBoost with 2.7 liter machine.

2018 Ford Thunderbird Prices and Release Date

2018 Thunderbird will be released around the second half of 2018. Besides that, regarding to the prices, there is no detailed information. However, this type of car will be sold in $38.000