2018 Ford Transit: Exterior, Interior, Engine, Release Date and Price

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2018 Ford Transit belongs to the cars which have undergone some improvements if compared to the previous generation.  This type of car is expected more trendy and stylish regarding to exterior design. Besides that, this car is also expected to have the great performance

2018 Ford Transit Exterior

When it comes to the exterior, 2018 Transit comes with the trendy exterior design. This car comes with the nice and simple design and there are also some modification compared to the previous design. Nevertheless, the base characteristics of this car are actually similar. This type of car also has the several trim levels and they are Wagon XXL, Wagon XL, and Van. There are also some revamped parts especially in the front grille where there are some chrome parts and the logo of Ford in the middle of upper front grille. In addition, the headlights are actually same with the previous generation. However, the LED technology is going to be updated. There are also some modifications in the front end bumper which is equipped with the larger air intakes as well as the updated LED technology.

2018 Ford Transit Interior

This type of car comes with the comfortable interior design as well as the previous generation. However, there are also some improvements which can be found in this car although the changes are not notable. There is a dashboard which will have the modifications. It will be easy to manage and it will be cleaner. On the dashboard, there is also LCD screen which is helpful for the infotainment system which is provided by the Ford Company. Additionally, there are also comfortable seats which are upholstered with the premium cloth. You can also choose the leather-upholstered seats if you want. Besides that, there are also the standard features of modern cars, including cruise control, safety system, HVAC system, options of connectivity, and the others.

2018 Ford Transit Engine

2018 Transit is going to be powered by the three options of engines. The first is 3.5 liter Eco Boost engine which is able to produce the output up to 310 horsepower and 400 pounds feet of torque. The second engine is V6 engine with 3.7 liter which is able to produce the output up to 275 horsepower and 260 pounds feet of torque. The last engine is 3.2 liter engine which can generate the output up to 185 horsepower and 350 pounds feet of torque.

2018 Ford Transit Price and Release Date

2018 Ford Transit will be released in the end of 2018. When it comes to the price, this type of car comes around $35.000. However, there is no detailed information from the Ford company regarding to the price.

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