Ford 2018 Expedition Redesign, Engine and Release Date

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As the one of the great auto manufacture in the world, Ford never stops creating great car to pleasant their customers. Ford has the great product with powerful engine to increase the sense of journey. One of the most wanted new product of this manufacture is Ford Expedition. The new 2018 Expedition includes in SUV class, which will the need of family members. Here, we will deliver some details about 2018 Expedition diesel, which could be consideration before you add it in your wish list. See the detail of it below.

Ford 2018 Expedition Exterior

An elegant body will come with metallic accent. It will become one of the great matter, which will make the Ford Expedition special. The new body comes with carbon as the basic material. The base material of body of 2018 Expedition will decrease the weight significantly. Besides, exterior of Ford Expedition is also nice with the new shape of its headlight. LED and sharper headlight brings you to face the modern design. Bigger grille and bumper increase the stability of the car in every trek you are driving.

Ford 2018 Expedition Interior

Seeing the detail of 2018 Ford Expedition interior, you will see a modern design there. The new interior of Ford Expedition is great with an elegant cabin. The cabin now has soft color with the grey appearance. There are three row seats inside the 2018 Expedition, which will make it able to cover up to eight passengers. Then, the great update of interior comes into the dashboard. Now, the dashboard has great LCD display, which will show special entertainment tool and other features of 2018 Expedition better and clearly.

Ford 2018 Expedition Engine

As the base engine of Ford Expedition, here the manufacture adds the 3.5L V6 engine The engine is nice with 10-speed automatic transmission for the special driving sense. Besides, the use of twin-turbocharged engine technology will increase the acceleration of 2018 Expedition and the direct injection will increase its stability of performance. Based on the test, the maximal speed of Ford Expedition is up to 120 mph and it is able to reach 0-60 km speed only in 6.5 seconds!

Ford 2018 Expedition Price and Release Date

Based on the detail above, we all know that Ford Expedition could be well SUV car. The price of 2018 Ford Expedition diesel is predicted around $47,000 and this car will come to the market in the beginning of next year.

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