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Back in , when the world was obsessed with ‘planking’ and shutter shades, Ford launched the Kuga. It was a time when the SUV market was a less crowded and fighty than it is today..The second generation Ford Kuga sports an American facelift, new trims and added equipment, doesn’t detract it from still being one of the more athletic SUVs on sale.Ford has not said anything with certainty on the exact type of engines will be in the Ford Kuga SUV. However, the new lineup of the company’s EcoBoost engines will be under the hood. A hybrid of PHEV version may be out later as well..It seems that the Ford Kuga will stand next to its cousins Ford Mustang and Ford F and offer its hybrid version as well. Ford has definitely decided to introduce more hybrids and plug in hybrids in following years..

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Image Result For Ford Kuga Review

Launched back in , the original Ford Kuga was arguably one of the first mainstream SUVs that promised sporty handling. Sadly, it failed to live up to its smart looks and promises of an .The Ford Kuga is competent and good looking, but doesn’t feel as up to date as newer SUV rivals Ford’s second generation Kuga was facelifted in , but other than the refreshed looks, not much has changed under the skin..

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